Full & Preventive Maintenance:

Prevent Failures by Looking for Them Early

Power Systems & Controls provides technical support (Full & Preventive Maintenance) to our customers & clients through our 24/7 service hot line. We guarantee that you will reach one of our application engineers, or trained technicians who can actually help when you call, not just provide verbal comfort. If the problem cannot be handled directly over the phone, we will either dispatch a contract service representative in your area or send someone directly from our technical support center in Richmond, VA. If a problem has not been solved in a specified period of time, our escalation policy automatically refers it to the next highest level of support. This policy assures that Power Systems & Controls provides the expertise required to make progress quickly and get the system back on-line as soon as possible.

While other manufacturers may attempt to burden customers with an expensive maintenance contract, PS&C takes a more flexible approach. Several different service plans are available with numerous options to best fit your need, including preventative and full service maintenance contracts.

Preventive Maintenance:

Our recommendation for Preventive Maintenance (PM) involves a qualified PS&C technician checking key operational electronic and mechanical settings every six (6) months. Annually more intensive operational checks and lubrication is performed. In addition to the inspections, our factory technicians bring with them years of experience working with systems just like yours. His or her on-site knowledge of PS&C systems is imperative in identifying problems and trends.

Full Service Maintenance:

Full Service Maintenance of your critical power system provides you with factory service and repair of all critical power components (excluding battery) for the contract period. Should any component fail it will be replaced at no additional charge to the customer. Emergency service is provided 24/7 at no additional charge. Scheduled repairs will be made during normal business hours. No additional charges for travel, parts, or shipping will accrue.

As a part of the Full Maintenance (FM) program, preventive maintenance services are also included. The goal is to provide you with factory service to assure reliability at a fixed cost.