Power Systems & Controls will be sending (2) dozen Synchronous Condenser systems down to the Dominican Republic for a tender project that just materialized. They will range in size between 1250kVAR and 1750kVAR. We cannot release any information about the customer at this time due to the importance of the project, but we look forward to supporting them on this specific application.

A Series SC is a synchronous machine that delivers the required reactive power dynamically. The module is connected to the power line and is intentionally run in an overexcited condition. The condenser will adjust the excitation level automatically to maintain the power factor at the correct setting. It monitors the power factor and produces the right amount of VAR needed to correct any power factor without switching transients and is not troubled by harmonic currents produced by solid-state motor drives. The Series SC also helps overall power quality by reducing voltage transients and by reducing the problems associated with harmonic distortion found in many manufacturing process. PS&C looks forward to working in the Dominican Republic and are glad we could help bring the project to fruition.

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