Rotary Frequerncy Converter
Due to the increased demand for 60Hz to 50Hz and 50Hz to 60Hz Frequency Conversion, PS&C is in the process of standardizing our Series RFC product line which will offer two different technologies. The first Rotary Frequency Converter model utilizes an induction motor and synchronous generator combination. They are belt connected and will convert frequency to a tolerance of +/- 2 Hz. The second offering will use both a synchronous motor and a synchronous generator. Frequency Conversion is accomplished by 10 and 12 pole combinations @ 600 RPM and the frequency tolerance here is +/- 0 Hz (Exact Output).

The synchronous motor machine and its exact Frequency Conversion is intended for applications where very precise tolerances must be maintained in both voltage and frequency. The induction motor Series RFC is suitable for applications where minor variations in frequency are permitted. These include industrial systems containing motors or variable speed drives as part of their load. Please contact PS&C and let us help decide which Rotary Frequency Converter is best for your application!

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