Secure Communications Center:

Model SCC

Power Systems & Controls developed our Secure Communications Center (SCC) for remote or hostile locations that demand advanced communication systems to help support their operations. It was designed to meet all EMI, RFI, and Acoustical elements required by the USG for satellite and highly developed communication processes. Whether it’s being utilized for a satellite dish intercepting enemy communications or a designated hub for information, the SCC is ready for the task. PS&C’s portable secure communication centers are tested, proven, and can be manufactured to handle any application or requirement.

The temperature within the Secure Communications Center (SCC) is controlled using forced air HVAC, and if required can be outfitted with redundant (N+X) HVAC systems. The SCC is offered in a 20’, 40’, or custom design footprint. Our Engineering Department can help provide the perfect solution for the User's specific application as we have Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers who have years of experience working with portable communication shelters. Furthermore, the exterior of the SCC can be finished to look sophisticated for USG installations or “broken” and “rusted” as a decoy for clandestine operations.

Design Layout:

The SCC is a completely enclosed system with only one (1) personnel door for gaining access to the shelter . The door is protected using redundant cipher locks to deter forced entry. Additionally, the SCC can be designed to the same parameters as a forced entry ballistic reinforced (FEBR) enclosure or as a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF). LED lighting is provided throughout the shelter for ISO 8995-1:2002 (CIE S 008/E: 2001) standard for office lighting.

PS&C’s portable secure communications center is capable being deployed anywhere in the world with relatively short notice. The equipment inside the SCC can be pre-populated by PS&C or can be populated by the User. Power Systems & Controls offers our standard 20’ or 40’ models, as well as, models for Expandable, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.