Silent Service Deployable Power:


silent service deployable power

Every now and again, Power Systems & Controls is requested to develop a product that seems like a greater effort vs. product utilization, however, nothing could be farther than the truth.  PS&C’s Silent Service Deployable Power Module, Series SSDP, is another step in PS&C’s design of scalable, tactical, and rapid deployment isolation power for the U.S. Intelligence Community.  This “harsh environment” unit has been designed for multiple sizes, and configurations to be used for the immediate need operations in hard to get to locations, with limited resources.

The system has been designed for use in poor or nonexistence power conditions.  The Series SSDP will filter the local power or feed critical COMSEC equipment when local power is unavailable for an extended amount of time.  As a result, the SSDP will rapidly recharge during “off hours”.  The system further protects the load by utilizing a SPD on the input and a scalable battery packs.  Although not optimal, the equipment is built to be transport and dropped in from HELO ops.


  • Harsh Environments
  • "Mission Critical" Power Users
  • USG, DOD, DOS, & IC


  • Easily Portable
  • Full Electrical Isolation
  • Modular Design
  • Scalable Battery
  • TVSS on Input