Synchronous Condenser:

Series SC

Synchronous Motor Generator

Poor Power Factor will cost you money: Power factor correction is becoming a greater concern for industrial and manufacturing plants all around the world.  Therefore, the Series SC is the answer to correcting power factor problems and avoiding costly demand charges.  PS&C’s Synchronous Condenser can easily correct dynamic Power Factor Correction issues as it delivers the required reactive power (KVAR) dynamically by being connected to the utility as the continuous reference source for correction.  The condenser will adjust the excitation level automatically to maintain the power factor at the desired power factor/KVAR.  The Synchronous Condenser is critical for any facility’s overall power quality.  The result is a reduction in voltage transients, which creates a smoother sine waveform.  This will intimately reduce the problems associated with harmonic distortion.



  • Eliminate Power Bill Penalties
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction
  • Increase System Stability
  • Mitigate Voltage Transients
  • Reduced System Losses
  • Low Maintenance Costs

The level of excitation which the Series SC  is running, depends on the amount of power factor correction required and the amount of “factor” sensed by the synchronous condenser controls. The Synchronous Condenser will adjust the excitation levels automatically to maintain the power factor at the correct setting. Accordingly, the synchronous condenser monitors the power factor without switching transients.  Subsequently, it has no issues with harmonic currents produced by solid-state motor drives.  Correcting power factor with a synchronous sondenser provides a much smoother waveform over conventional methods and will not adversely affect a system loaded with current harmonics.  Also the synchronous condenser is a low impedance source and appears to be inductive to loads.

The Series SC is built with voltage, frequency, and temperature sensors to protect your system against overload or other dangerous scenarios.  It also has precision solid-state voltage and power factor regulators, as well as, switchboard grade VAR and power factor meters to make sure your system is operating at peak performance 24/7.  The Series SC has many options, which include a color touch screen display and remote communications.  In other words, this makes it the perfect solution for any industrial application.