Uninterruptible Power Supply:


An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has only one mission; to protect the load when the power goes out. When a power disturbance occurs, mission critical power users, who cannot afford an interruption in power, need a method to bridge the gap between the loss of utility and Emergency Generators. As a result, PS&C offers multiple types of UPS systems.  Rotary UPS (Static/M-G),  Solid State UPS (Static), Lighting Inverter systems, and Batteryless UPS.  Unlike our competitors, these options give our customers a choice for UPS topology vs offering only what they build, which inherently taking that decision away.

Examples of UPS:

Single Phase Static UPS

Single Phase Static UPS:

The Series Continuum 1 is a Single Phase UPS that utilizes a 3 stage charging technique, which not only doubles the service life of the batteries but also optimizes the charging time. It is the ideal solution for web servers, networks, telecommunications, and other critical electronics. Whether your protecting a computer for a few minutes or a million dollar piece of equipment for a few hours the static UPS can handle any load requirement as PS&C is able to add external battery modules to the Uninterruptible Power Supply to increase the backup time available.
3 Phase Static UPS

3 Phase Static UPS:

The Series Continuum UPS modules have advanced paralleling capabilities to meet any kVA requirement between 10 - 2,000kVA. They are also available in 50Hz and 60Hz, which is important for international corporations looking to streamline their maintenance requirements. The robust design of the Static UPS means it can operate in the harshest of environments unlike most solid state equipment that demand ideal conditions to ensure proper operation and end of life (EOL).
Batterless UPS

Battery-less UPS:

The Series NB helps to guarantee the lowest possible power bill and the highest electrical power quality. It protects demanding electrical systems, like variable speed motor drives, which other power conditioning technologies simply cannot handle. Sizes are available from 25 to 2500kVA. If your backup requirement is longer than typically requested, Power Systems & Controls can parallel flywheel modules together to achieve the desired time. However, the quantity will have an impact on the UPS system's overall weight, dimensions, and cost.
Frequency Converter UPS

Frequency Converter UPS:

Series UPSC is ideal for any environment where a UPS is needed to support the load with a different frequency. This happens when the input and output power are not at the same. PS&C's frequency converter with battery backup is available from 10 to 300kVA. This machine will not only complete the task, but also eliminate a single point of failure. This will improve efficiency and increase up time. In other words, our machine provides the perfect solution for your project.
Large Hybrid Rotary UPS

Hybrid Rotary UPS: (Rotary & Static, Larger than 300k)

The Series XC is a true motor generator, on-line, double conversion uninterruptible power supply, which will protect the critical load with 100% conditioned power 24/7. The motor-generator set absorbs load harmonics while producing a pure sine wave output, which are ideal benefits for any critical load. By operating the rectifier/charger and inverter in series as the primary power path, the Series XC Hybrid Rotary UPS continuously tests its most critical components under actual operating conditions.

Lighting Inverter

Lighting Inverter:

Emergency lighting inverters offer complete system protection, monitoring, and manageability, which guarantees maximum up time and reliability. You can trust that when the power goes out that the lights will continue to operate no matter what the conditions or situation for 90 minutes to allow safe and orderly evacuation. Although generator compatibility is available for users who require additional lighting time such as prisons.
Rotary UPS

Rotary UPS: (Smaller than 300k)

The Series MC Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply modules are 100% on-line and 100% electrically isolated from utility to load. This electrical isolation is only possible because the motor and generator are distinctly separate with their own carefully grounded frames, which are tied together mechanically through precise coupling. This mechanical separation is the only way to electrically separate the utility from the load.

PS&C’s goal is to find the best solution for the project, not steer our customers to a specific type. Great equipment produced by a seasoned world class manufacturer is all our customers need to know, everything else that salesman wants to tell you is meaningless. When the conversation turns to calculations and “what if’s” like MTBF and Efficiency, the solution is no longer the focus – this is wrong. The only things to consider are Rotary or Static and then the run-time for the DC supply. Whether you’re an AE firm looking for support or an end user needing a system fast; Power Systems & Controls has the experience and know-how to help support you.

Examples of Environments:

  • A large data center that understands “Death Before Downtime”.
  • A factory with machinery that will require many hours to reset after a power interruption.
  • A laboratory that conducts long duration testing with limited or one sample.
  • A small business that depends upon electronic purchase transactions.