Nuclear Reactor
In the summer of 1991, Power Systems & Controls was presented with a unique challenge by the United States Air Force. How do you provide backup power for a series of electrical tests to be conducted on a Russian nuclear space reactor? The answer was for PS&C to team up with Rust Power (New Mexico Caterpillar Dealer) and supply a 315kVA PS&C Large Rotary UPS that converts 60Hz power to 50Hz power, while simultaneously protecting;the critical load. For added redundancy, Rust Power connected the output of the Uninterruptible Power Supply to an ATS which activates a 50Hz engine generator.

The purpose of the Topaz II Nuclear Test Program is to see if the Russian technology can be beneficial to the United States as it designs U.S. thermionic nuclear power systems for space applications. The United States has not tested a space nuclear reactor in 25 years, and the Russian technology is much more advanced than U.S. models. The Topaz II project allows an excellent opportunity to gain from Russian experience and expertise.

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