USG Specialty Products have been built since 1967.  Power Systems & Controls has been developing and deploying critical equipment designed and manufactured for a unique clientele. The Intelligence Community is PS&C's oldest and most complex client with incredible requirements.  They are not only challenging to our Engineers, but push the envelope of what is presently possible. As a result, this long relationship has given PS&C the tools needed to bring diverse solutions to the Industrial and Commercial requirements with just a few alterations.

USG Examples:

Diesel Ready System

Diesel Ready System:

  The Series DRS services tanks up to 60,000 gallons, and is fully automated with remote monitoring. Implementing the Diesel Ready System eliminates the need for environmentally damaging chemical additives. This results in additional cost savings and ensures trouble free operation. The Diesel Ready System has a NEMA 4 enclosure, with leak detection for in-remote or hazardous locations. The Series DRS has redundant DC power supply to support the loss of battery.
Government Rotary Filter

Government Rotary Filter:

  The Series GRF was developed for the intelligence community over 4 decades ago and the base fundamentals of isolation are still in place today. What makes this technology so impenetrable resides in the fact that it utilizes electrical isolation by means of physics and space separation. Physics is based on formulas and characteristics of materials.
Extended Range Automatic Voltage Regulator

Government Voltage Regulator:

  In addition to being a high speed tap change, the Series GSR is armed with a multi-shield computer grade isolation transformer and filter network, to remove transients and noise. The combined effect is dynamic voltage regulation with communication grade isolation, which solves 99% of electrical disturbance problems.
Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer:

  With so much electrical noise being created within and outside primary electrical systems, Power Systems & Controls developed the Series DTS Isolation Transformer. The DTS transformer is a Delta primary and Wye secondary transformer that derives the neutral. This supports clean, isolated power feeding sensitive computer based equipment. They meet or exceed the most sensitive telecommunications standards in any country, and any voltage under 600V.
Portable Power Module

Portable Power Module:

  The Series LPP pulls together our accomplishments in isolation, uninterruptable power and power filtering in a tactical and portable package. In order to be versatile the LPP was designed to accept voltages from 110 to 230V at 30 to 70Hz. The LPP has an SPD, UPS, and Power Filter. The unit is a rapid deployment machine, that is operational within minutes. It is able to withstand the harsh electrical environment in under developed locations with dirty power.
Power Line Filter

Power Line Filter:

  PS&C’s Series PLF delivers clean isolated power required by shielded spaces or rooms. The filters are built with a clean side and an unfiltered side with access for multiple connection points. The base design for the Power Line Filter is to provide a high degree of electrical isolation between source power and the secure load. The Power Line Filter was developed for the United States Government IC and meets all standards for the application intended.
Silent Service Deployable Power

Silent Service Deployable Power:

  The Series SSDP will filter the local power or feed critical COMSEC equipment when local power is unavailable for an extended amount of time. As a result, the SSDP will rapidly recharge during “off hours”. The system further protects the load by utilizing a SPD on the input and a scalable battery packs. Although not optimal, the equipment is built to be transport and dropped in from HELO ops.
Small Tactical Power Module

Small Tactical Power Module:

  Power Systems & Controls’ Series TACPAK, is a lightweight and portable small-scale power conditioner. This small tactical power module will support "mission critical" loads up to 1100VA at 50Hz and 60Hz. The power filter has the latest power components available at this weight class. The system will fit into an FAA approved Hard Case to allow ease of transport and storage. The Series TACPAK is under 50 lbs, and can be utilized in any country in the world.

With equipment in over 150 countries, we build machines with the sole intent to isolate the mission and keep the right people and their data safe-and-secure. We have expertise in Power Filtering, TEMPEST protection, HEMP deflection and multiple RFI/EMI issues. Our client base for these systems range from Missile Defense Agency to the most well-known test labs in the lower 48. This level of protection may have been developed by our predecessors in 53', but Power Systems & Controls has perfected it with continued improvements and innovation.