USG Specialty Products have been built since 1967.  Power Systems & Controls has been developing and deploying critical equipment designed and manufactured for a unique clientele. The Intelligence Community is PS&C's oldest and most complex client with incredible requirements.  They are not only challenging to our Engineers, but push the envelope of what is presently possible. As a result, this long relationship has given PS&C the tools needed to bring diverse solutions to the Industrial and Commercial requirements with just a few alterations.

Diesel Ready System
Government Rotary Filter
Government Voltage Regulator
Isolation Transformer
Portable Power Module
Power Line Filter
Silent Service Deployable Power
Small Tactical Power Module

With equipment in over 150 countries, we build machines with the sole intent to isolate the mission and keep the right people and their data safe-and-secure. We have expertise in Power Filtering, TEMPEST protection, HEMP deflection and multiple RFI/EMI issues. Our client base for these systems range from Missile Defense Agency to the most well-known test labs in the lower 48. This level of protection may have been developed by our predecessors in 53', but Power Systems & Controls has perfected it with continued improvements and innovation.

Examples of USG Specialty Products:

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