Vibration Analysis:

Know How Much Vibration is Too Much and Critical

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Power Systems & Controls’ Vibration Analysis will help optimize facility health management to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  Vibration Analysis is the process of examining how vibrating or unstable systems can shorten the equipment's life in order to eliminate failures and prolong overall End of Life (EOL).  Mechanical equipment generates vibrations, and Vibration Analysis utilizes vibration analytics to determine the condition and integrity of the equipment.  Information collected allows our technicians and engineers to evaluate when there is a mechanical issue by testing for inconsistencies.  Data is gathered by attaching meters to the equipment to identify the distinct vibrations of the rotating components.

Other pertinent information would be to ensure that the natural modes of vibration are happening during course of operation.  Also, Power Systems & Controls' Mechanical Engineers will calculate the stresses being experienced to validate operation and design.  PS&C Field Service technicians will make any adjustments on-site to optimize equipment performance.  We will also go further and analyze the impact that the vibration may have had on the Overall Equipment Effectiveness.  PS&C will also make recommendations about the health of your system and if repair, replacement, or some other step must be taken to ensure the integrity of your facility.


  • Avoid Equipment Outages
  • Extend MTBF
  • Increase Equipment EOL
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums

Maintain System Up Time

Vibration caused by aged bearings or alignment problems is one of the leading reasons for rotating equipment failure.  Vibration Analysis and long term trending is the best preventive maintenance that you can implement to ensure maximum up time for your facility.  All rotating machines vibrate to some degree, depending upon age and alignment; however, if the level of vibration is too severe, the bearings will fail prematurely.  If the Vibration Analysis is performed at regular intervals, signs of wear and potential failure can be identified well before damage occurs.  Damage to your vital equipment is expensive to repair and could cause substantial downtime to your organization.  Take the necessary precautions to protect your facility today.