The PS&C Service Division recently surveyed customers to get historical data concerning bearing failures. All customers contacted had PS&C Service Maintenance Contracts or purchased maintenance at regular intervals. The results may amaze you.

In 22 years of operation of over 350 systems, only two bearing replacements were recorded. One at the Patent and Trade Office in Washington D.C., a site with four 1000kVA systems. A pony motor bearing was replaced after a noise was detected during operation and the second was at Cincinnati Bell in Maitland, Florida as a generator bearing was noticed to be running warmer than normal during the start-up and was replaced before the unit was put on-line.

When analyzed this really is not surprising. PS&C's motor generators actually consist of two synchronous generators, the identical type of synchronous generator that is supplied with every gen-set sold in the world. They just use one machine as a motor. PS&C also adds one additional bearing to each machine; this spreads the weight out over four bearings. PS&C runs the power conditioning M-G sets continuously which causes less stress on the overall bearings that the start/stop type of operation of a typical gen-set.

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