Portable Work Center:

Series PWC

Power Systems & Controls developed our Portable Work Center (PWC) for organizations that require on-site work and repair stations to support their operations such as the USMC or construction companies. The portable work center is based on an ISO platform which allows for easy transport.  It is also robust enough to withstand any job site and sit in close proximity of typical job site hazards. PS&C’s Portable Work Centers are tested, proven, and manufactured to accomplish the specific task required by the User.

The temperature within the Portable Work Center (PWC) is maintained using a forced air HVAC system. The PWC is outfitted with simple power connections allowing it to be deployed on-site in a matter of minutes. It can be built with work benches, repair stations, and technician test stands.  In addition to a combination of such depending on the task being performed. The shelter can be built as a standalone system, or can be built with interposing doors locked together creating a dedicated modular work area. The work centers are self contained with HVAC, communications, lighting, and power.


The PWC is offered in a 20’, 40’, or custom design footprint as the User is able to work with our Engineering Department to design the perfect solution for their specific project. PS&C can populate the work center for a complete “turn key” or the User can populate the shelter with their own equipment, whichever is preferred. Users gain access to the shelter through either the standard swing doors or personnel doors located around the perimeter. Additionally, the floor is composed of interlocking rubber tiles which are non-slip, stain resistant, and allow for easy cleaning.

PS&C’s portable work center is capable of being deployed anywhere in the world. It can be as simple or sophisticated as the User requires. Furthermore, due to our unique design the PWC can last up to 10 years with little maintenance and upkeep. Power Systems & Controls can offer our standard 20’ or 40’ Portable Work Centers, as well as, data centers, Modular, and Design & Build requirements.